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What are Thematic Artist Boosts?

Thematic Artist Boosts are designed to supercharge your artist promotion.
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 10 months ago

We currently have three Artist Boosts available on Thematic.

  1. The Data Download Boost - Provides you with a detailed spreadsheet of all of your song placements on YouTube from Thematic creators to date. Only $5 per spreadsheet request.
  2. The Front of the Line Boost - For $10, we will speed up your song processing to go live on the date you select (rights clearance issues notwithstanding). No need to wait 3+ weeks for your song to go live or for New Music Friday anymore 😏
  3. Your Crowd Hall Pass Boost - Give your fans exclusive access to support you by featuring your music in their videos. Upgrade to a custom artist landing page featuring your images, messaging, and custom invite link for just $100.

If you'd like to activate any of these boosts please send an email to our artist team at artists@hellothematic.com.

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