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What are Thematic Artist Boosts?

Thematic Artist Boosts are designed to supercharge your artist promotion.
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 4 months ago

We currently have three Artist Boosts available on Thematic.

  1. The Data Download Boost - Provides you with a detailed spreadsheet of all of your song placements on YouTube from Thematic creators to date. Only $5 per spreadsheet request.
  2. The Front of the Line Boost - For $10, we will speed up your song processing to go live on the date you select (rights clearance issues notwithstanding). No need to wait 3+ weeks for your song to go live or for New Music Friday anymore 😏
  3. Your Crowd Hall Pass Boost - Give your fans exclusive access to support you by featuring your music in their videos. Upgrade to a custom artist landing page featuring your images, messaging, and custom invite link for just $100.

If you'd like to activate any of these boosts please send an email to our artist team at artists@hellothematic.com.

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