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How do I use Thematic to get music for my videos?

All of the songs on Thematic are pre-cleared for use on YouTube and Instagram 😎
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 10 months ago

Here's how Thematic works:

- Sign-up for a free Thematic creator account
- Connect the YouTube channels you're posting content on (if you have multiple add them all to your account)
- Click an album image to play a song
- Initiate download of that song by clicking the downward facing arrow
- Import the song into the video editing software of your choice
- When uploading your video, you must include the required promotion links for the song(s) you've featured in your video description for every video you create (ex: 2 songs in your video = 2 promo links in the video description). Including the promotional link ensures a claim free experience upon video upload.

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