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I received a copyright claim on my video!

Find out why you received a copyright claim Thematic and how to get it fixed!
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 4 months ago

Oh no! There may be a few possible issues here:

  • You may have not connected your YouTube channels to your Thematic account. In order for us to validate your account and music license you must connect the channels where you will be posting content. Please check out this article and learn how to connect them!
  • You may be missing your song promo links. The promo links are required to activate your music licenses. You can find all of your song promo links on the Downloads page in your Thematic account.
  • Your video may have violated our terms of use. Please review our terms of use and creator agreement!

Please send us an email at team@hellothematic.com with the link to your video so we can help you get the claim released. 

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