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What are Playlists?

Playlist the songs you love for the projects you're working on with our Playlists feature!
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 2 months ago

Playlists will help you save time and keep you organized so you can continue creating awesome videos.

Here are some easy ways to get started with Playlists:
- Plan for upcoming videos by creating Playlists by theme. Making a Lookbook series? Save songs to a "Lookbook" Playlist and easily keep track of your faves.
- Access all of your Playlists from the navigation menu.

- Inspire the Thematic creator community by sharing your curated song playlists. Toggle them live from your Playlists page to cement your tastemaker status.

- Tag your playlists with relevant keywords and add a title, photo, and description.

- Add songs to Playlists multiple ways: from List View on the Browse Music tab or from the Music Player itself!
- No longer need a Playlist? Just hit that trash icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Delete Playlist to get rid of it.
- Remove songs from a Playlist by clicking the green "minus" button when viewing the Playlist.
Free accounts are limited to 2 Playlists per user.

You can create unlimited playlists on our Premium Creator plan. Learn more about our premium experience here.

🤓 Did you know? Playlists used to be called Projects, but we updated this based on your feedback!

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