How do I see the videos featuring my music?

Thematic makes sure you know how and where your songs are being featured and provide you with key insights about the communities connecting with your music.
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 6 months ago

Login to your artist dashboard to see all of your Campaign Performance Stats and watch the videos being created with your music.

Each artist has access to their own Campaign Performance Stats panel. This panel tracks your song campaigns and overall performance on Thematic and includes details such as:

- The number of unique YouTube creators promoting your music

- The number of placements of your songs in creator YouTube videos

- The total amount of views from the YouTube videos featuring your music

- The amount of new fans who have discovered your music through your Thematic song campaigns

- The Earned Media Value received from Thematic and its creator network across YouTube

We also provide a full Promotion Stats dashboard, complete with tracking details of your latest song placements, the latest videos where your songs are featured, performance stats on your most engaged-with songs, featured playlists where your songs are being included, the top creators who are promoting your music, and a shelf of your earned achievements and badges on Thematic.

Would you like a detailed spreadsheet of all of your song placements on Thematic to date? Check out our Data Download Boost.

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