What do the song statuses mean?

Find out what it means when your song is in pending, community review, approved, not a fit, live, or expired status
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 11 months ago

In your artist dashboard, you'll see that each of your song submissions is assigned a status. Let's break down what each of these mean!

Pending: your song submission has been received

Community Review: your song is being reviewed by the Thematic creator community to help us decide if the song is a fit for Thematic. Creators will be able preview your song and let us know if they’re interested in featuring it in one of their videos

Approved: your song has been approved by the Thematic creator community and we are preparing it for release on Thematic.

Not A Fit: your song was not approved for release on Thematic. This happens if the song’s rights can not be fully cleared or if the Thematic creator community did not express interest for the song during the community review process.

Live: your song is live & discoverable on Thematic and creators are now able to feature it in their videos in exchange for promotion

Expired: your song's promotional campaign on Thematic has ended. It is no longer available on the site for new video placements.

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