What if my song is already opted-in to Content ID with another provider?

Thematic manages your songs on YouTube's Content ID while it is opted-in to Thematic for promotion.
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 1 year ago

If you’ve previously opted your songs into Content ID with another provider, such as with your distributor (Tunecore, ONErpm, InGrooves, Audiam, DistroKid, etc), you’ll need to request removal of your songs from Content ID with that provider. This ensures that our creators do not have any issues using Thematic music in their videos.

**Please note that while your song is opted into Thematic's Content ID you cannot opt it back in with your distributor or any other distributor as this will cause a conflict.**

If you are not sure how to opt-out of Content ID from your distributor, please reach out to artists@hellothematic.com and they will provide you with guidance on how to do this.

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