How do I credit the songs I use in my podcasts?

Using a song from Thematic in your podcast? Find out how to properly credit the artist and songs used.
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 9 months ago

You must share your project’s song license links in your podcast episode description when featuring the music in your podcast. Your song license links activate your music licenses.

You are welcome to also give a shout-out or in-podcast credit to the music artist and featured song.

You can find all of your song downloads license links on the ✅ Licenses & Downloads page page in your Thematic account after downloading the songs.

Easily copy your license links by clicking on the platform icon, then paste into your episode description 😎

Click the View Expired Songs button to see all of the songs you've downloaded that are in the process of being removed from Thematic. Learn more about "Expired" songs here.

P.S. Make sure you are logged in as the project or channel where you're posting your content when getting your license links. Each project needs to use its own links and links from other projects or channels will not activate your music licenses.

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