I received a copyright claim on my Facebook video

Find how to to fix copyright claims on Facebook videos
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 1 year ago

Unfortunately, Facebook’s rights management system is still in development and does not allow us to clear the music in advance (like we can for YouTube videos).

This means that you may occasionally receive copyright claims when using music in your Facebook videos. Rest assured that the music licenses provided through Thematic are still valid with respect to your right to use the music in your content.

If you have received a copyright claim on your Facebook video when using the music from Thematic, please follow Facebook’s Appeal / Dispute process. Here is a direct link to their Copyright Appeal Form.

In your dispute / appeal, please indicate that you have Licensed Content and include the following text in your appeal (replace the song title, artist name, and your License Certificate link as appropriate):

THEMATIC LICENSE CERTIFICATE – This document provides proof of my license for the song “SONG TITLE” by ARTIST NAME for my content: LINK TO YOUR LICENSE CERTIFICATE

Please see that any copyright claims or notices are removed from this video for this work in respect to my license. For any questions regarding this agreement, please contact Thematic, Inc. at info@hellothematic.com. 

You can find the link to your License Certificate for the music used, which you can find on your ✅ Licenses & Downloads page in your Thematic account (click your user profile from the navigation bar > ✅ Licenses & Downloads) You will find a License Certificate linked for each song you’ve downloaded.

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