I received a copyright claim on my video!

Find out why you received a copyright claim Thematic and how to get it fixed!
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 1 year ago

Oh no! There may be a few possible issues here:

  • You may be missing your song license links. The license links are required to activate your music licenses. You can find all of your song license links on the ✅ Licenses & Downloads page in your Thematic account after downloading the songs.
  • Make sure you are using the correct channel's license links! Each channel needs to use its own license links to ensure the music licenses are activated and the videos are protected from copyright claims! When logging in to Thematic to find music, select the channel where you will be posting the content to ensure your links match your channel. 
  • Your video may have violated our terms of use. Please review review our music license FAQs or our terms of use and creator agreement!

After you've checked your video and confirmed your links are correct, please send us an email at team@hellothematic.com with the link to your video so we can help you get the claim released. 

If you file a claim dispute via YouTube, please include a link to your License Certificate in the dispute information.

For more information about how copyright works on YouTube and the ultimate guide to copyright claims, check out the Thematic's Creator Toolkit here!

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