What are Thematic Points?

Earn points as you use Thematic that you can redeem for free downloads, access to perks, and more!
Written by Thematic Team
Updated 7 months ago

Thematic Points are a way for creators to easily transact while using Thematic.

Creators can earn points as they use Thematic to discover music for their creative projects. See below for all of the ways creators can earn Thematic points:

  • Sign-in to your Thematic account daily
  • Invite friends to join Thematic by sharing your referral link
  • Vote on songs that you'd like added to the site
  • Create & share a public playlist on Thematic
  • Add your birthday to get a birthday points bonus
  • Follow other creators & artists on Thematic
  • Follow Thematic on social media
  • Upgrade to Premium & Pro to get point bonuses with each subscription payment

Creators have the option to buy point bundles, as well.

Creators can spend points to unlock additional free downloads, subscription access, and more. See below for all of the way creators can spend Thematic points:

  • Download a song (creators on Premium & Pro have unlimited downloads for free)
  • Redeem for 1 month free of Premium or Pro
  • Coming soon: Get a video or playlist featured on the site!
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