How much does Thematic cost?

Learn more about the different creator subscriptions on Thematic & get started with Thematic for free!
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Updated 6 months ago

We believe that all creators should have fair access to quality music for their content. That’s why all creators can enjoy Thematic’s core features for free.

Thematic's free plan is great for the aspiring creator looking to elevate their content. This plan includes all of our core features:

- Free music + sound effects for videos
- Safe for use in YouTube + social media videos
- Curated song recommendations based on content type and theme
- Monetize your videos - keep 100% of your ad revenue on YouTube with our claim-free experience
- Sponsored content – congrats on your integration! You’re welcome to use the music for your branded videos (just remember your song promo links and to check your brand agreement!)
- Creator support - the Thematic team is always here to help, whether you have a question about using the platform or if you need help resolving a copyright claim

As well as:
- Limited Song downloads / month
- 1 YouTube Channel
- 2 Personal Playlists
- General access to the Thematic community Discord server

Thematic Premium unlocks additional features to help creators take their videos to the next level. Premium costs $8.99 / month (or $69.99 / year) and includes: 

- Access to all of Thematic's songs
- Unlimited downloads
- Music safe for podcasts, YouTube, and social media
- Unlimited personal playlists
- 100s of curated song collections
- Premium SFX
- Premium Creator Perks
- Premium access to the Thematic community Discord server

Thematic Pro is designed for full-time & professional creators. Pro costs $24.99 / month (or $239.99 / year) and includes:

- Everything in Premium
- Unlimited YouTube Channels
- High Quality & Instrumental Versions
- 7-Day early access to new song drops
- Invite team members & editors
- Unlimited SFX & SFX Packs
- Exclusive Creator Perks & Discounts from our trusted partners

Upgrade your Thematic subscription by clicking Upgrade from the top navigation bar and selecting the plan of your choice.

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